ABC version of the Nottingham Music Database

Maintainer: James Allwright (home page)

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The Nottingham Music Database maintained by Eric Foxley contains over 1000 Folk Tunes stored in a special text format. Using NMD2ABC, a program written by Jay Glanville and some perl scripts, the bulk of this database has been converted to abc notation. More recently, Seymour Shlien has edited the files to correct a few problems.

The Nottingham Collection

You can download everything as one large zip file. The previous versions of everything are also available as a zip file. Note : this unzips to give unix-style text files, rather than PC-style text files (i.e. end-of-line is represented by newline rather than carriage return and newline).

Technical Notes

These tunes were not originally checked by hand, so there may well be mistakes here and there. The Nottingham Music Format has a notation for repeating previous bars, so if this has been incorrectly handled you may find entire bars which are wrong - this will certainly be the case if you uploaded this collection before 12th October 1996. There are places where part labels are used not to mark a part but to write some other text above the stave. If you can't make sense of the abc, try looking at the source in the original database. This collection last uploaded on 20th June 2003.

The interpretation of numbers has caused particular problems. These can denote triplets (in the case of 3), first or second repeats (in the case of 1 or 2) or fingerings. In a number of places, fingering notation has been misinterpreted.

Most of these problems, however have been fixed in Seymour's edited version.