A free music notation program based on the ABC programming language.

Shareware Music Machine Editor's Choice Award Winner

Maintainer: Aaron Newman

Version 1.0 is finally released!

Download iabc from the project summary page

iabc Information Page

What is iabc?

iabc is a free (open source) program for editing music. It uses the ABC music notation language to produce high-quality graphical notation or MIDI output. The music notation and the ABC notation can be updated in real-time, making the construction of tunes using the ABC language hassle-free (or at least hassle-resistant).

How Do I Get iabc?

You just need to download it from the sourceforge host site at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/abc

What features does iabc implement

My goal with iabc is to incorporate the functionality of a wide variety of 'filter' tools, such as abc2ps or abc2midi, into one easy-to-use application. My goal was to not make it the 'front end' (or worse, 'back end') of any other program, no matter how useful. Nothing against the text-based tools, but the technology has evolved to a point that it should be possible to provide free music software the is both graphical and robust.